lu lu and gunther…a short conversation

fictional dialogue between the shadow versions of lu lu and gunther (the boxer dog)

lu lu: “let’s go for a photo walk this morning gunther.”

gunther: “okay, but i don’t want to be gone for too long! i’m supposed to help grandpa feed the horses in 10 minutes or so…”

lu lu: “i see…grandpa takes priority over mama now. i think that i’m just a little hurt by that.”

gunther: “it’s not like i don’t want to spend time with you, i just love getting to visit with julio and scampers…and grandpa gives me special treats.”

lu lu: “i got it! let’s take a photo of our shadows together…there…take a look.”

lu lu: “how do you like my new photographer’s vest? grandma bought it for me for my birthday?”

gunther: “i like it a lot, but it looks really weird in this photo. what are those two flaps hanging down?”

lu lu: “i’m not quite sure…pocket flaps i think…”

gunther: “oh. grandpa is calling me…i better go.”

lu lu: “okay…i’ll see you later! have fun and be careful!”

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