woo hoo…i’m a winner! (and now, i am a loser…by announcing that i am a “winner”.)

i recently had a “hah! i told you so” moment. my partner, sarah, and i were having a friendly conversation in the living room.

at one point. i told sarah that i thought that she was “goading” me. she laughed and said, “it isn’t goad”…it’s “goat”…as in, “trying to get your goat”. i then insisted that she was incorrect…and it was, “goad”.

sarah then entered “goad” into an online dictionary. she looked less than thrilled, when she announced that the word indeed…was “goad”. she apologized for the good natured ribbing rhat i was given.

i really enjoyed basking in the glory of my “ha! i told you so” moment. sarah was a very good sport. i look forward to my next, “ha!” moment!

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